Website Development

Personal web sites or blogsDPL_IMAGE / INST_DRP / DPL_NEWS_ARTICLE / EXT_EML_1 / LNX_QTA_100Rs.7,000.00
Resource directoriesWEB_DEV_MOCKUP / INST_DRP / DPL_NEWS_ARTICLERs.6,000.00
School Websitedn_com / DPL_FORUM / DPL_EVENT / INST_DRP / DPL_NEWS_ARTICLE / INST_DPL_SEO / PLN_B_EML / LNX_QTA_100Rs.12,991.00
2 - 3 MockupsWEB_DEV_MOCKUPRs.2,000.00
Drupal Plan B - 15 Page Static / Dynamic WebsiteWEB_DEV_DRP_15_PAGERs.1,866.00


EOT Infotech have the job opening under various positions. Any freshers or experienced candidate can apply for the post. For details please contact or submit your application at

Knowledge Base

The EOT Infotech KB has been divided into Categories indicating a particular Interface or a particular Product/Service. These have been further logically divided into Sub-Categories and Answers, detailing a particular action or query.